• The Dohrwardt Law Firm focuses on commercial and energy law, representing all sizes of organizations, from startups through board governance. Please contact me to talk about how the Dohrwardt Law Firm can help you get business done.

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Why Should You Hire the Dohrwardt Law Firm?

Your company deserves dedicated legal support that gets business done! The Dohrwardt Law Firm partners with your business to provide fit-for-purpose solutions to your legal needs.

Skilled Legal Advice

Experience is at the core of the Dohrwardt Law Firm's success. I have over twenty years of experience representing small, medium, and large energy business clients. With an extensive deal track record, practical solutions, and professional integrity, the Dohrwardt Law Firm works hard to empower your business success. The Dohrwardt Law Firm focuses on the following practice areas:

  • Commercial law (From Start-up to IPO and Board Governance)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (Buy, Sell, and Joint-Ventures)
  • Sales and Marketing Agreements
  • Consulting & Technology Agreements
  • Energy Regulatory Compliance
  • Trading Law (Enabling Agreements, Credit Support Agreements & Trading Compliance)
  • Power Purchase Agreements (Physical and Virtual)
  • Renewable Energy (Wind, Solar, Renewable Natural Gas)
  • All Types of Sustainability Agreements
  • Transmission Interconnection Agreements
  • Gas Supply and Transportation
  • Regulatory Advice (State Commissions, ISOs, CFTC, FERC, and NERC)

The Dohrwardt Law Firm prides itself on developing genuine connections with clients. I put complex legal agreements into easily understandable language. I work hard to understand your needs and provide solutions for your business. 

When you need business counsel, you deserve an attorney with the experience to understand your needs and who will work efficiently to get your business done.

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You can get the representation you need to get business done. Contact the Dohrwardt Law Firm to discuss how to empower your business success.

The Dohrwardt Law Firm Gets Business Done!

At the Dohrwardt Law Firm, I focus exclusively on commercial matters for all sizes of profit and non-profit organizations, and all sizes of energy companies. I am here to empower your business for success. The Dohrwardt Law Firm offers a variety of fee arrangements, from traditional hourly and flat fee arrangements to fractional-share General Counsel Subscriptions that give your organization a legal department at a fraction of the cost.

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Bray Dohrwardt is licensed to practice law in Minnesota and Texas. Please contact the Dohrwardt Law Firm to discuss how the firm can help you get business done.